Professional Automotive Services in Honolulu

Affordable Auto Repair Services is a locally owned and operated auto repair company that has been serving the people of Hawaii for the last 20 years with dedication and commitment.

Our shop is a full service facility that is able to fix all types of problems that your auto, truck, bus or trailer may be experiencing.


Affordable Auto Repair Services

locally owned and operated auto repair company
full service Auto, Truck & Bus Repair Facility

State Licensed Repair Dealer # RD4130

• We are a PUC authorized transporter for moving equipment and containers on the Island of Oahu - PUC # 2317C

Time after time, we're able to do what no other company can do, not only because of the equipment we operate, but because of the highly trained, experienced, and certified technicians and operators. All of our operators are all CTTA, Wes Wilburn, Tom Luciano, Bill Jackson and WreckMaster certified.

We sell reverse camera systems for Auto, Truck & Bus applications.

They are great at minimizing backing accidents with picture and sound all included in one.

Whether you would like to install it yourself or would like our shop to install it we are here for you.

We run the same camera's in our truck and they are color, shock and vibration proof, and show a picture just as if you were looking at the item directly. LEARN MORE

We are your full service Auto, Truck & Bus Repair Facility
Some Of Our Services Are:

    • Auto, Truck & Bus Repairs
    • Steering & Suspension Repairs
    • Auto & Truck Air Conditioning Repairs
    • Hydraulic & Air Brake Repairs
    • Auto & Standard Transmissions Repairs
    • Clutch Diagnostics & Replacements
    • Auto & Truck Electronic Diagnostics
    • Engine Services
    • Diesel & Gas Engine Repairs
    • And Much More!