Trailer Decking (Remove, Repair & Replace)

Convert your old trailer and make your trailer look new again.

Why just paint the trailer and not fix the place where all the cargo is strapped down too? Our technicians can remove your old wood decking from your trailer and replace with new wood.

Our process to re-deck a trailer are:

  • Reducing the chance of on-the-job injuries
  • Catching rusting crossmembers before they are too far gone and have to be replaced
  • Preventing wood from falling off the deck and hitting another vehicle on the roadway

Our process to re-deck a trailer are:

    • 1. Remove rotten and cracked wood

      2. Remove trailer studs

      3. Level mounting service by cutting off old studs

      4. Treating cross members with rust inhibitors to prevent further corrosion
    • 5. Laying new treated wood on the deck (this is not apitong wood)

      6. Cut treated wood to size and layout the frame work

      7. Drilling and screwing the wood to the cross members

      8. Coating the wood with water sealant so that it would last for a long time